5 Rules of Dating a Member of the Outlaw Motorcycle Club

Being with a motorcycle lover can seem like a fun and all, but before you go out and meet local bikers, you need to keep in mind that not all of them are great guys […]

5 Things You Should Never Say to a Widower you are Dating

widows and widowers dating

Dating a widower is not a walk in the park. Although you can have a loving relationship with this man, being with him will sometimes feel like walking on eggshells. To date someone from the […]

3 Things No One Has Told You About Cougars

There are a lot of reasons why younger fellows find older women more attractive than girls their age. For instance, some guys have realized that cougars are successful and confident ladies and they find it […]

Top 3 Tips to Mend a Broken Heart Through Faith

meet christian singles

Breakups are tough no matter how you slice it. Finding consolation at the end of it all pretty much comes down to understanding what really happened, and learning from it so you don’t make the […]

4 Ways Dating is Different for Mature Singles

mature singles

Several decades ago, courting was very predictable. Everyone followed established protocols, so finding a life partner was a lot easier. However, this is not the case nowadays and mature singles find dating pretty complicated. If […]

4 Traits Motorcycle Riders Love to See in a Woman

biker women

There is a popular belief that male motorcycle riders only want to date biker women. This, of course, is just a misconception that came from many biker TV shows and movies people watch today. These […]

4 Simple Makeup Tips That Will Help You Look Radiant all Day Long

cougar dating club

Dating can be tough if you are a career woman. Since you spend most of your time in the office, you don’t have time to go all the way home, take off your makeup, change […]

4 Reasons Why Marrying a Cyclist Is a Good Thing

cycling dating sites

Men and women from cycling dating sites are very popular among today’s singles. A lot of people want to date them because they are rather attractive and interesting. However, for some reason, this is not […]

4 Things that Will Turn any Woman off

BBW dating sites

Going on a perfect date is something not many women get to experience. There is always something that goes wrong, and the question is how many things she is willing to ignore. However, there are some things […]

4 Ways to Impress Your Cycling Date

cycling singles

Dating an athleteis always a unique challenge. These people are somewhat picky when it comes to finding a partner and aren’teasily impressed with their suitors. The same goes for cycling singles. These men and women […]