Top 3 Guidelines That Will Turn You Into A Cougar Dating Pro

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While a lot of guys consider cougar dating complicated, it is actually easier than going out with a younger girl. These ladies are easy going, fun and know what they want, but don’t be fooled, they are […]

Stepping Up your Alcohol Game: Farmer’s Edition

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Whether you’re the who-knows-which generation of farmers living off the land and taking care of farm animals or you’re thinking about trying to find a date on a farmers dating site, there should always be […]

These 4 After-Sex Habits Can Boost Your Love Life

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If you look it up online, you will find thousands of tips on how to improve your foreplay and feel closer to your partner. But what happens after sex? If you have just met your […]

4 Lessons You Will Learn From People With Disabilities

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We date, we pick, we make a list of all those qualities our better half should posses, but at the end of the day, we don’t choose who we fall in love with. Maybe you […]

6 Awesome Tips For Getting Rid Of Chronic Pain

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Unfortunately, a lot of mature singles are familiar with chronic pain. Since it can last for months, it can dramatically decrease a person’s quality of life. If you are dealing with this kind of problem, […]

5 Girls’ Texting Habits Guys Simply Hate

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Has it ever happened to you that a guy suddenly stops responding to your texts? Although it has probably made you think that something bad happened to him, the chances are that you did something […]

6 Simple Tricks That Will Help You “Catch” A Wild Cougar In A Bar

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Dating world is full of challenges, and landing a hot mature woman is probably one of the toughest ones out there. The cougar dating scene is full of breathtakingly beautiful ladies, but to seduce one, […]

Top 5 First Date Rules You Must Know

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First dates can be tricky, and if you happen to meet your potential match through a free dating service, they can be even more complicated. For instance, this girl you’ve met online probably has no […]

How To Get Ready For Your Date In Under 15 Minutes

How To Get Ready For Your Date In Under 15 Minutes

What would you do if a guy you are chatting with through a free dating service asked you if you could meet in an hour? Well, first you would panic, and then you would realize […]

What Happens After Rebound Sex: Top 4 Ways To Move On

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The point of rebound sex is clear as day – getting over a painful breakup. But where do you go after rebound sex? That’s what we’re here to discover today. Instead of going back to […]