4 Ways You Can Avoid A Dating Disaster

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Going out with someone new can be overwhelming and intimidating, especially if you have met him via free personals. Once you realize that you both love animals, classic rock, hiking and The Lord of the […]

4 Perks of Dating a Cowboy You Need to Know About

cowboys and cowgirls

If you loved watching movies about cowboys and cowgirls when you were a little girl, chances are you wouldn’t mind dating a country boy. After all, all those motion pictures taught you that these guys […]

3 Signs Something Is Off With Your Relationship

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So, you have met a great man via one of senior dating sites and he seemed like a true gentleman at the beginning. However, just as you started to feel comfortable around him, he began to […]

How to Grow the Beard of Your Dreams

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Flaunting a great beard has become a popular fashion trend these days. More and more men leave their beards to grow longer and thicker, but not all men know how to keep their facial hair […]