3 Things No One Has Told You About Cougars

There are a lot of reasons why younger fellows find older women more attractive than girls their age. For instance, some guys have realized that cougars are successful and confident ladies and they find it very sexy. Some men, on the other hand, love the fact that these women are experienced in every aspect of life. Finally, others think that the lack of drama in the cougar-cub relationship is incredibly appealing. All in all, even though it doesn’t matter why you want to begin using cougar finder apps, this guide will help you score a hot cougar date.

Never say that she is old(er)

The age difference can sometimes cause real problems in a relationship, but only if you pay attention to it. Therefore, don’t do or say things that will make your partner feel old because, in her mind, that automatically means she is no longer sexy and desirable.

Don’t be threatened by her success

Most cougars are successful women with great jobs and careers. However, you must never be threatened by her success. If her career makes you feel jealous, please do her a favor and don’t date her at all. She’s worked hard to be in a place she is now, and you have no right to make her feel bad about it.

Focus on who she is as a person

Instead of focusing on the ways you can impress a cougar, why don’t you just drop the game playing strategy and treat her like a normal human being? She is not some prize to be won or a puzzle to be solved, she is just a woman who wants to be with someone who will make her feel special and beautiful. Is that really so hard? You know all those famous guys who hooked up with even more popular mature ladies? They surely didn’t spend even a second thinking about their partner’s age because they were too busy having a great time with these amazing, badass women.

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