4 Perks of Dating a Cowboy You Need to Know About

If you loved watching movies about cowboys and cowgirls when you were a little girl, chances are you wouldn’t mind dating a country boy. After all, all those motion pictures taught you that these guys are hard-working fellows who know how to treat a lady with respect and have great manners. If you are interested in dating a cowboy, but you just cannot make up your mind, here are several things you need to know about them.

cowboys and cowgirls

He Knows How to Behave Like a Gentleman

A lot of women watch those black and white movies, wishing they could live in those times when men were gentlemen and women were ladies. Those guys sure knew how to properly treat a woman, but do you wanna know a secret? So do cowboys.

Country men are respectful and polite, they will make you feel special and if you date one, he will surely treat you like a princess. However, don’t be fooled, cowboys don’t like damsels in distress. Their women are strong and independent, so if you whine every time you break a nail, maybe this kind of dating is not for you.

He Loves Animals

Okay, he eats them as well, but his dogs and his horses are a part of his family. He does everything he can to ensure these animals live in a healthy environment. And be honest, what is cuter than a hot guy playing with his dog? We just cannot think of anything at this moment.

He Won’t Bother You

Women want to feel needed, but there is a fine line between feeling needed and smothered. Getting a text from your guy wishing you a good morning is sweet, receiving a message from him every 20 minutes is just annoying. If you are tired of clingy guys who are slowly suffocating you, date a cowboy. These men don’t have time to call or text you all the time, they have better things to do.

They Look Sexy and Handsome

Cowboys spend every day working on a ranch, so no matter how much they eat they cannot put on any weight. These guys look amazing and have great bodies, so forget about those gym rats.

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