4 Ways You Can Avoid A Dating Disaster

Going out with someone new can be overwhelming and intimidating, especially if you have met him via free personals. Once you realize that you both love animals, classic rock, hiking and The Lord of the Rings trilogy, you will want to make the best first impression when you meet in person. Before you start questioning your every decision and panicking like a high school girl before the prom, read these tips and learn the most important dos and don’ts of dating.

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Wrap it up!

Maybe you have breasts even Sofia Vergara would be jealous of, but you really don’t need to show them off on your first date. Otherwise, you can spend the whole night talking about nuclear physics or Russian authors and he will still think that you are just interested in sex. Therefore, cover up your girls and wear something you feel comfortable in. That way you will be able to relax and not think about whether he is staring at your boobs.

Choose the right location

If you are going on a date with someone you already know (like a friend of a friend), choose a nice, quiet restaurant where you can talk and get to know each other better over dinner. However, if you are meeting a stranger you met online, keep in mind that grabbing a bite to eat is not a good idea. What if you decide in the first five minutes that the guy is a complete dud? So, instead of going to dinner, keep it brief and go for coffee or a drink.

Be careful what you order

First, don’t be indecisive. It isn’t cute as you might think; it is quite annoying to be completely frank. Therefore, go through the menu and quickly make up your mind. Also, be careful as to what you order. Keep in mind that eating spaghetti is only romantic in Lady and the Tramp, in real life it is messy and not sexy at all. Stay away from spicy foods unless you don’t want to spend half of your date in the restroom and don’t experiment with exotic dishes either.

Don’t hit the bottle

Having a couple of drinks will give you a much-needed dose of confidence but you should steer clear of large amounts of alcohol. If you get hammered on your first date, you can rest assured there won’t be the second one.

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