These 5 Flirting Mistakes Might Be Messing Up Your Game

Regardless of whether you want to be an active member of the senior dating niche or HIV dating community, if you want to have successful dates, you need to learn how to flirt. Don’t worry; no one was born with the ability to flirt, it is a skill you need to practice and practice some more before you become a modern Don Juan. Even if you think that you have mastered the art of seduction, there still might be some things that are completely messing up your game. Therefore, read the following tips on how to improve your flirting technique.

HIV dating community

Staring at your date

You have probably read or heard that eye contact is extremely important when it comes to first dates. Well, we couldn’t agree more. However, staring at your date without even blinking is a completely different thing. You will seem like a character from a Stephen King’s novel and probably freak them out.

Playing too cool

Okay, playing hard to get can work to your advantage sometimes, but keep in mind that there is a fine line between being cool and completely uninterested. If you ignore your date and act like they are the last person you want to be with, you will eat the dessert all by yourself.

Looking at her boobs

Please don’t check out her ass or look at her boobs when she is talking to you! Even if she has the most magnificent breasts you have ever seen and is showing them off in a tight shirt, put in some effort to look at her face. Trust us; she might be testing you and the moment you look down, you fail.

Garlic breath

You can be the most charming person on the planet, but if you have a bad breath you won’t go home with that lady. So, take a mint, use a mouthwash, stand in the acid rain with your mouth open, do whatever it takes to get that stench out of your breath.

Know when to move on

Do you know which guys are most annoying? The ones who don’t know when to throw in the towel. If her body language is saying no if her mouth is saying no, if she rejected you in every possible way, get a hint a move on. Don’t be the guy who is humping her leg while she is talking to another person.

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