5 Things You Should Never Say to a Widower you are Dating

Dating a widower is not a walk in the park. Although you can have a loving relationship with this man, being with him will sometimes feel like walking on eggshells. To date someone from the widows and widowers dating scene, you need to take things slow, be patient and compassionate. It is perfectly normal that you want to make your partner happy and help him through the bad times, but keep in mind that saying things from this list won’t make him feel better at all.

widows and widowers dating

Time heals all wounds

First, time cannot heal his wounds because his wife will never come back. It can just dull the pain and make him focus on other things in life. Second, the fact that he will feel better one day in a distant future is not that comforting. He wants to feel better now, and this line won’t help him with that.

Things could be worse

Yes, no matter what the situation is, the fact is that things can always get worse. However, you are invalidating his grief by saying this. Moreover, this line is very insensitive and won’t make him feel better at all.

I know how you feel

Unless you are also widowed, don’t let this sentence come out of your mouth. Even if you have lost your parents, your dog died or your best friend’s husband is no longer alive, you have no idea how he feels. Every person experiences grief differently and every person deals with it in their own way, so don’t compare your grief to his.

You’re not alone

Although you are trying to say that you will be by his side and support him, you need to realize that widowedoften feel alone, even if they are surrounded by people who care about them. They have to go through the grieving process all on their own, and there is not a lot you can do about it.

Let me help you forget her

This is definitely the worst thing you can say. She is not his ex who cheated on him and left him heartbroken. She was his wife, someone he loved very much and no matter what happens, he will never be able to forget her. However, if you say something like this, he will be willing to forget you.

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