6 Reasons Why Dating Bikers Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

Women have always been crazy about bikers. They have that dangerous look, they ride fierce machines, they don’t mind getting their hands dirty and they are always up for an adventure. However, when you take those rose-colored glasses, can you honestly say that dating single bikers is all it’s cracked up to be? If you are considering dating a motorcycle lover, here are some things you should expect.

single bikers

He is always wearing jeans

Okay, jeans are cool, there is nothing wrong with them, but if you are planning a romantic dinner in a really fancy restaurant, you can just forget about it. Instead, you should get to know each other over a plate of ribs at a steak joint.

He will always be behind the wheel

It doesn’t matter if it’s your car, he will still be the driver. No self-respecting biker would let his girl drive him around, especially in the neighborhood where someone can recognize him.

He will often be on the road

If you want to spend a Sunday morning in a bed with your partner and then grab a bite to eat and maybe check out that new cafe, we have some bad news. Unless there is an apocalypse happening outside, he is going to spend that free time riding his bike, not cuddling with you. Therefore, if you are looking for a boyfriend who will just Netflix and chill with you, you are barking up the wrong tree.

He is not punctual

Do you want to date a gentleman who will always look his best and be on time? Honey, then just move on. Bikers are often late, and when they finally show up, they have grease under their nails and even some oil stains on their jeans.

He isn’t a rich guy

He invests every dollar he has in his two-wheeler. Okay, he will have enough money to take you out for a burger and a beer, but paying his bills on time is surely not his signature move. So, if you are looking for a sugar daddy who will take care of you and you won’t have to worry about the future, you need to stop chasing motorcycle lovers.

Not every scar is sexy

A small scar here and there can look pretty hot, but some bikers have really ugly ones from motorcycle accidents. Can you handle that?

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