How to Grow the Beard of Your Dreams

Flaunting a great beard has become a popular fashion trend these days. More and more men leave their beards to grow longer and thicker, but not all men know how to keep their facial hair nicely groomed and well cared for. Whether it be to ace a job interview, meet bbw, or pose on the cover of a magazine, a great beard can elevate your look to a whole other level. The only question is how to grow one that looks and feels nice.

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Step 1: Know Your Beard

You need to know what you’re working with. What shape is your face? What texture is your beard? Stand in front of the mirror and inspect your head shape. Is it rectangular, oval, square or round? For those of you, who have a square or round face, consider growing a beard that adds length to your face to make it look more attractive. Those who have a rectangular or oval face shape should refrain from growing a lengthy beard. Instead, choose a style that is shorter but gives more volume to the bottom half of your face, making it more symmetrical.

Step 2: Maintain the Beard

A lot of men make the mistake of deciding to grow a beard and then letting it go wild. If you don’t groom your beard, it will make you look messy and unappealing, basically like you don’t care. This definitely won’t be a hit with the ladies. Try to avoid growing a neckbeard. Instead, keep your jawline as sharp as possible by shaving off the parts you don’t need. The beard should be evenly bushy around your jawline, so imagine a ‘U’ shape running from your ears all the way down to your Adam’s apple, and shave along this line.

Step 3: Trim the Beast

Once every two weeks you should consider trimming your beard with a pair of sharp scissors. When your beard starts getting bushy (and at some point it will), you’ll need to tame it by shaping it slightly. The hairs in your beard grow at different rates, so you’ll have to take a comb and brush it against the grain. Then carefully trim off the parts that seem to be longer than the others, keeping in mind the shape you’re going for that fits your face shape the best.

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