Top 3 Tips to Mend a Broken Heart Through Faith

Breakups are tough no matter how you slice it. Finding consolation at the end of it all pretty much comes down to understanding what really happened, and learning from it so you don’t make the same mistake again. If you think the solution is to meet Christian singles, we’d actually like to offer something even better that will ensure you get over him for good, on your very own. Below we offer our top 3 tips to mend a broken heart through faith practiced by a modern woman in the 21st century.

#1: Talk to Your Priest

Before modern psychotherapy became the norm for getting through hard times with as few scratches as possible, church priests served as councillors no matter what the source of your problems was. Many of them are just as happy to play that role today so if you have a priest you feel would understand you, by all means go and talk to him. Never for the life of you think that your problems aren’t real problems because you ‘just’ broke up with someone. Love makes people do crazy things and broken hearts are more painful than physical pain in so many ways.

#2: Get Active in your Church

Once you reconnect with your priest, start participating in church activities or if there aren’t any activities you think are worthy of your time, go ahead and create them. Get the people from your perish to get together on the weekend and donate all of their unused clothing to charity, clean up around the neighbourhood, or raise funds for someone’s medical treatment. Doing something good for another person will glue the pieces of your broken heart together sooner than you think.

#3: Stay as Physically Active as Possible

Healthy body, healthy mind. Without a doubt there are plenty of people who come to your church who could use a gym or a running buddy. Post notices on the church bulletin board that you’re looking for a fitness partner and see if anyone calls you. Chances are the response would be so great you’d end up with a fitness group, not a fitness partner. In that case, put together a little program for everyone to enjoy and stay as active and as healthy as possible. Find a yoga instructor willing to give a free class on Sunday after the service or ask your local gym for a group discount if all of you join at the same time. Being involved is crucial for getting over a bad breakup. There is absolutely nothing worse than sitting at home and drowning in your sorrows.

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