Top 4 Dating Rules Every Guy Should Follow

If you have been off the market for a while and you’ve forgotten how the dating world works, this article is for you. It doesn’t matter whether you are going out with a biker chick, a prom queen, a cougar or if you are getting ready for a transexual date; these rules always apply. So, brush up on your manners, learn these dating rules and you will impress your lady in no time.

transexual date

No third wheels

Please don’t bring your buddy with you when you go out to a date. Trust us; your potential girlfriend won’t be thrilled that you brought your friend along and she surely won’t go out with you ever again. First, it will appear like you need someone to hold your hand, which is a major turn-off.  Second, she might get an impression that you don’t really like her and thus use your friend as an excuse to cut the date short.

Don’t dress up/down

If you show up like you are going to a wedding, you might seem weird. On the other hand, if you dress down you will come off as sloppy. So, you see, you need to find the perfect balance between those two. We suggest you opt for a nice pair of jeans, a button-down shirt, and a jacket and you will be dressed appropriately no matter where you go.

Go somewhere fun

Try not to do anything formal on your first date. Instead of taking your date to a fancy restaurant, check out that new amusement park, go mini golfing or even bowling. If your date involves some fun activities, you and your girl will be able to get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere. Isn’t that better than staring at each other across the table in an uptight restaurant?

Be careful as to what you order

You really don’t want to think about whether there’s some food stuck in your teeth on your first date, right? Therefore, avoid ordering spinach, steak or, even worse, corn on the cob. Also, steer clear of messy meals like spaghetti and anything with garlic. You don’t want your date to pass out when you lean in for the kiss, right?

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